Waiting For A Train
The brand-new stage musical celebrating the life and times of Jimmie Rodgers

Staging Options

Theatre LayoutSimply put, “Waiting For A Train” is the perfect vehicle for your theater’s next production … a lively musical with a heart-wrenching story of love, success and tragedy.

You provide the actors, the singers and the musicians … and you’ll see just how readily the story and songs will speak to your audience … deeply and with impact. This stage musical is equally suited for small, intimate theaters as well as for large auditoriums.

The licensing of production rights for “Waiting For A Train” is managed by Empty Set Group. They can be reached via our Contact Page link.

Licensing fees are unique to each venue and the actual cost is dictated by the number of theater seats and the number of performances. We encourage you to contact us directly so we can help assess each of your unique staging plan elements and needs.

Special reduced-rate licensing arrangements may be available for both academic and non-profit productions.