Waiting For A Train
The brand-new stage musical celebrating the life and times of Jimmie Rodgers

Perusal Script

We invite all those interested in producing “Waiting For A Train” to request a perusal script.

Your request must come to us as an email from a theatrical or educational related domain, or on theatrical or educational letterhead. Our email address and mailing address can be found on our contact page.

Should you decide, after reviewing the script, you’d like to produce “Waiting For A Train” in your theater, you’ll need to obtain full production rights via a Performance Agreement, as well as authorization to reprint an appropriate number of production scripts. Academic discounts are available. The unauthorized copying of any perusal or production script is strictly prohibited.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Perusal scripts are intended to provide an overall feel for the general storyline and dialogue style. Since this script is protected by U.S. copyright laws, it may not be performed without permission anywhere, at any time, in any manner, whether an admission fee is charged or not. Violators may be subject to prosecution and penalties.