Waiting For A Train
The brand-new stage musical celebrating the life and times of Jimmie Rodgers

The Cast

The “Waiting For A Train” stage musical is designed to be produced with as few as seven actors (three of those roles requiring singing) and there should be a minimum of three live musicians. Light dancing is required of the roles of Jimmie, Carrie, Ralph and Mrs. Bedell. The role of Jimmie must be able to yodel, while if would be helpful if the role of Carrie could yodel a bit.

In order to accommodate larger theater troupes, the musical’s casting list can easily be increased to include up to an additional five musicians and up to ten non-speaking stage extras who will service as “on-stage audience” members.

The following roles are featured in the stage musical, “Waiting For A Train”:

Required Roles (listed in order of appearance)

  • Aged Ralph Peer * @
  • Jimmie Rodgers *#
  • Engineer (can be portrayed by same actor as Doctor)
  • Carrie Rodgers *# @
  • Anita Rodgers
  • Young Ralph Peer
  • Doctor (can be portrayed by same actor as Engineer)
  • Mrs. Bedell @
  • Basic Live Band Members (guitar, banjo, bass)

* Indicates roles with singing parts
# Indicates roles with yodeling parts
@ Indicates roles with dancing parts

Optional Roles

  • Additional Band Members (fiddle, dobro, ukulele, trumpet, piano, clarinet, snare)
  • Concert Attendees (non-speaking extras; 5-15)